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You can get a sense of the types of products available by selecting a gallery below - click any heading to browse some sample photographs. In addition to these items, we also offer services such as duplicate Cemetery Lettering, Monument Cleaning, and Re-Setting.

Upright Monuments - Single Grave Size

"Single Grave" Memorials are approximately 2' wide.

Upright Monuments - Double Grave Size and Larger

"Double Grave" Memorials are approximately 3' wide or larger. They may be appropriate for a two-grave lot, or even large, multiple grave family lots and range from simple, two-name monuments to large Estate Memorials. You will also find unique designs like benches or hand carving here.

Flat, Bevel, Slant and Bronze Markers

"Markers" may be anything from a small stone set flush with the ground to a larger piece raised up a foot or more.

Various Items - Porcelain Pictures, Vases, Vigil Lights, Signage...

We do not currently have any photos of these types of items up. We will be adding some soon, though. We regularly provide a range of monument add-on products like porcelain pictures, vases and vigil-lights, as well as non-cemetery products like bronze and granite signage and plaques.