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"Double Grave" is something of a misnomer. While these monuments, by and large, are sized appropriately for two grave lots in our area (base sizes 3 feet and up), many are also appropriate for larger lots, and we have included here monuments of varying sizes. Remember, cemetery regulations, including regulation sizes, vary from cemetery to cemetery and even lot to lot, and design options even within the regulations are virtualy limitless. Always feel free to call us at 781-438-2232 to discuss your options and ideas.

This page is intended only to give you a sense of what's out there - a starting point if you will, and a showcase for some of our work - only a small fraction of the thousands of monuments we have provided over our many years of operation.

Click any thumbnail for a larger version.

Cultivated Roses and a Reclining Cross on Laurentian Pink

Deep Roses with a Masonic Emblem

A special triple-border and a Star of David are all this beautiful Barre Gray memorial needs

Double Hearts and Wedding Bands are perfect for a married couple

Deep roses provide the perfect frame

Ivy, a Star of David and Hebrew name are traditional items

This heart shape is just one of the almost limitless forms stone can be crafted into

The Holy Mother in a bed of Wild Roses on Mountain Rose granite

India Red granite is a popular choice for Chinese memorials

A Pine Bough on Impala Black granite quietly appreciates nature

This unusual shape is the perfect canvas for a custom request Hand-Carving of theatre masks

The Star of David tops this traditional Jewish design

A Heart with Hands and a Wedding Band

Many customers look for something "natural." This rough-hewn "boulder style" memorial is a popular choice

An Etched Ocean Scene on black with shaped column ends

A Porcelain Photo and Chinese Characters on Mahogany Granite - Any language is a possibility

Celtic Crosses are a popular choice, shown here on a monolith

The Holy Mother with Wild Roses

Jet Black granite can be highly reflective

A Gothic Border provides the frame for this polished gray memorial

A Deer Scene awaits the addition of a nature-lover's name

Corner Dogwood and Reclining Crosses

The Holy Family sandblast carved on Laurentian Pink...

...And deep Hand-Carved on Jet Black

The front of this stone is made concave, leaving a Cultivated Rose in relief

A custom etching - A Harley, a House and the New Hampshire Mountains

A special top and scotia edge make an elegant Estate Memorial

A train enthusiast brought us a photo...we did the rest

A Bronze family name set flush in a Field Boulder

A Double Heart effect with Dogwood and Cross Fleure

This practical design contains a hollow for live planting

A custom shape for a lover of butterflies

This custom designed bench could be a museum piece

A mighty tree on the front...

...And Rafael's Angels on the back

The Tall Ships sail on in Pink Granite

This page would grow too long if we were to try to display every design we're tempted to, but this should give you the idea - that the possibilities of shape and design are legion.