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On this page we offer a sampling of memorials collectively referred to as "markers." Your selection will vary depending on your circumstances - whether through your preference, cemetery regulation or because you wish to match an existing memorial.

As with the others, this page is intended only to give you a sense of what's out there, and an idea of what the product looks like.

Click any thumbnail for a larger version.

Flat & Bevel Markers

Flat or "Grass" markers are set flush with the ground. Many cemeteries require flat markers for ease of maintenance. Check with your cemetery or with us if you are unsure of what you are allowed. Memorials sized for a single or multiple graves are shown.

Bevel or "Hickey" markers are similar to these stones, but they are raised above grade a few inches in the back and slope down an inch or two to the front.

This is the simplest of single-grave foot stones

A Book Panel with Wild Roses for two burials

The "Vermarco" style letters give a different look to this Jewish marker

Family connections substitute for flowers on this Pink Granite Marker

A Cross with Rosary decorates this single grave sized marker for two burials

Scotch Thistle on Pink Granite

Praying hands, and Cultivated Roses on Impala-Black Granite

A Book Rises out of the surface - complete with page lines

A Family Memorial with individual grave markers is a common use for this type of stone
Slant Markers

Slant Markers are similar in size to the above designs, by they are raised up much higher above the ground at a steep slant. They are sometimes raised up on a base.

A two foot width is right for a single grave

A three foot width covers two

A Porcelain Photo with Deep Roses

This Pink Granite stone is raised up on a base

Crosses in the corners with two names on this two-footer

A Star of David is sufficient decoration for this simple Jewish memorial
Bronze Markers

Markers made of bronze and set in granite or cement are required at some cemeteries or aquired by choice.

We don't have any pictures of our work that we felt were good enough to post at the moment, although we'll be sure to add some soon (We've been providing bronze memorials for many, many years, but the age of digital photography is more recent). We routinely provide bronze memorials at competitive prices.