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The monuments on this page show the proportions most commonly found on single grave lots (either for one or two burials) in our area, and conform to most cemeteries' regulations for a lot of that size.

As with all memorials, these stones represent only a very small sampling of the design potential available. Alternatives include different colors and shapes - hearts, ovals, squares, and even highly irregular custom shapes. Choices of carvings and lettering style can be picked from a book or done to suit your request or description.

With that in mind, you may get a taste for what can be done by browsing the pictures below. Click any thumbnail for a larger version.

Celtic Cross and Shamrocks show nicely on this memorial

A Reclining Cross with Ivy on Laurentian Rose granite

An ocean scene on Jet-Black granite

A polished heart rises out of this Dakota Mahogany granite monument

An Eternal Light and Cultivated Roses beautifully complement this Jewish memorial

Sometimes the simplest designs say the most

A porcelain photo with Russian text perfectly personalizes this memorial

St. Francis comforts on this simple polished gray granite monument

Impala Black granite with heart panels

All-smoothed Mahogany granite with outline letters. Simple carving lets the stone speak

A police badge personalizes this Jet-Black monument

A career in aviation remembered

Praying hands, a cross and a rose on this beautiful Impala Black memorial

A career in Pharmacy remembered

All smooth pink granite, where the carving wraps around the edge from front to top

Pink granite provides the perfect canvas for this Jewish memorial

India Red granite and a deep-cut rose are the highlites of this memorial

Custom carving in the Art Nouveau style on Jet Black granite make an impressive and highly personalized memorial

The back is just as impressive

An impressive candelabra is the perfect top for this Jewish lady's monoument